Vedant started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14. He started on an idea of creating a mere discord server where people could buy and sell NFTs.

He went on to create a million dollar (valuation) venture by the name Metabasket. Networked many Venture Capitalists, high net worth individuals, Executives and web3 developers from all around the world who wanted to be a part of this endeavor.

After not receiving funds from Venture Capitalists due to his age, he created the NFT marketplace himself. Learned blockchain coding and connected it to a User Interface. Therefore, finally launched the website on 1st September 2022.

On December 2022, was launched as an effort to inspire the youth through his story.

After a few months he recognized the potential of AI and the lack of financial literacy in India and wanted to solve this problem. This is how Segmentize was born.

Scored 95% in his standard 10th examinations and was in the merit list which was featured in every local newspaper.

Got into fitness and gym and became one of the hardest training guys in the gym community.

On September 2023, he decided to shut down Metabasket due to lack of funds, limited marketing reach and mainly the drowning markets of NFTs. Remained depressed for few days but decided to focus more on Segmentize, and his writing career.

Webflow recognized Segmentize’s potential and vision and gave 3 months of web development through their platform for free. After 3 months, they decided to offer 1 more year for free saving segmentize tens of thousands of rupees.

Segmentize and Vedant were both featured on to inspire entrepreneurs all over the world. The interview went live on 2nd October 2023.

Currently (as of November 2023), Segmentize’s AI algorithm is ready and will be launched soon. It’s going to also include stocks, mutual funds, SIPs etc. to make it an all in one platform for investments. Vedant is also going to launch a course to help teenagers and youngsters all over the world with self improvement. His next book “Blockchain Mania” is also going to launch before 2024.


Vedant’s vision is to change India’s finances through Segmentize and help every youngster in their own path of self improvement. He also wants to spread knowledge through his books.

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