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Vedant Verma is an entrepreneur, web consultant, blogger and author who’s the Chief Executive Officer of Segmentize. He was the ex-Chairman of Metabasket. 






The Story of a 16-year Entrepreneur.

How I built a million dollar (valuation) company at 14… 

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I’m going to journal every day of my monk mode for the next 6 months. This is because I want to become the perfect balance between Greek Gods Dionysus and Apollo. Irrational frenzy controlled by reason and self reflection. I’ll not only document what I do […]
Monk Mode is a protocol an individual embarks on when he wishes to become unrecognizable. It involves going ghost for 6 months and coming completely changed. There are 3 non negotiables for Monk Mode- Now, I already exercise for an hour and read for 30 minutes. […]
(Hey, I’d recommend you read this blog till the end for better understanding. Thank you) It’s been more than a month since I wrote a blog. Actually, I was focusing a lot of content on how I think and go through my life. That’s fine but […]

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