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Vedant Verma is an entrepreneur, web consultant, blogger and author who’s the Chief Executive Officer of Segmentize. He was the ex-Chairman of Metabasket. 






The Story of a 16-year Entrepreneur.

How I built a million dollar (valuation) company at 14… 

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But Vedant!!! We see you walking down the corridors at the institute with your big arms. We see you laughing in the cafes. We see you talking confidently to anyone etc. etc. etc… Yes! Having a physique at a young age is a great advantage. People […]
Save this blog to read it whenever you feel low due to a past relationship. Warning- This will be harsh and truthful so it might hurt many people’s feelings. I wish someone gave me this blog to read when I was younger. Though, even then I […]
What does my future look like? What’s my life’s story? Am I even grateful? Lets talk about these things today. Future- I can’t say about anything upwards of 5 years honestly because the person I am currently, if you compare me with who I was 5 […]

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