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Vedant Verma is an entrepreneur, web consultant, blogger and author who’s the Chief Executive Officer of Segmentize. He was the ex-Chairman of Metabasket. 






The Story of a 16-year Entrepreneur.

How I built a million dollar (valuation) company at 14… 

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LIFE IS WAR ~ This isn’t just a quote, its a mindset. I don’t think any modern human can truly understand how severely bad wars were in the past. Imagine yourself as Porus, a great Indian Warrior. You see the largest army in the world across […]
This blog is going to be an interesting one and I might get little soft in this blog but nevertheless, let’s get on with it. Shah Rukh Khan famously said, “I’m a slave to the myth of Shah Rukh Khan.” It’s actually hard when you’re trying […]
I was struggling lately to find a purpose to work 16 hour a day. I always thought about my future family and how I wanted to provide for my parents, my wife and my kids but for some reason I can’t use that as a purpose […]

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