LIFE IS WAR ~ This isn’t just a quote, its a mindset. I don’t think any […]
This blog is going to be an interesting one and I might get little soft in […]
I was struggling lately to find a purpose to work 16 hour a day. I always […]
Hi everyone, How long will I carry on? How far can pain, sadness and hatred take […]
Why do we even cry? If you think about it then crying is a very natural […]
Date: 09.04.2024 Today wasn’t a particularly productive day. Though, I’ve launched my clothing collection. Much more […]
I was working and I suddenly saw this video where it talked about masculinity and how […]
Date : 02.04.2024 It’s almost 1 am at night and I thought that I’ll give you […]
In this blog we’ll discuss what the universe truly is based on its size. There are […]
Date : 21.03.2024 ~ Thursday What’s this? Well, lets talk. At any given moment my brain […]