Date : 21.03.2024 ~ Thursday

What’s this?

Well, lets talk. At any given moment my brain is bursting with thoughts or ideas. It range from love, emotion, human interaction to infrastructure, market structures, geopolitics etc.

I think people might like this. Also, I’m planning to start writing regular blogs again.


Currently, I’m in Bombay at my father’s place and I’m all alone every day. Your thoughts get the best of you. It’s like a prison to me. I’m starting to talk about feelings and all that shit more just to experiment nowadays so lets see.

You can argue that I can watch TV or make new friends but I cannot. I get stressed if I’m not doing something of value for at least a certain period of time everyday.

Now, I cannot talk about masculinity and mental toughness and cry my eyes out when I’m all alone in a house with no one to talk to at the same time and depressing thoughts come my way.

Trust me, overthinking is far worse for intelligent people. No smart man was blessed with happiness and intellect at the same time. When you understand how things work, how atoms never truly touch each other or how the US government prints money from thin air or how our emotions manipulate/guide us.

It’s weird, sometimes I think all this is a curse but all this will become the reason for me to be remembered by history.

Anyways, my physique is good at the moment. My shoulders are getting huge and round. My biceps are getting big and peaky. Abs are still not visible (except the upper 4 lines). Progress is ok but I think it would be difficult to manage my physique here. Nevertheless, I’ll get abs till May or June.

I’m working nowadays but not much. I know I could do more. Perhaps, I’ll increase it slowly.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgot about Competence Bureau and the course I was about to launch.

Do you know that I’m watching Game of Thrones again? I don’t know for the 1000th time maybe but its the best thing in cinematic history.

Every time there’s a marriage scene or when a girl tells his husband that she bears their child, it sinks my heart. Because I already lived all that with someone in imagination only and now I know that it won’t ever come true and I refuse to spend those moments with someone else in real life. However, life is pain. And every man must understand that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

Keep Growing.

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