If I had to summarize this blog in one line then it will be… Never stop […]
A vague thought of starting my own podcast for entrepreneurs and intellectuals has been in my […]
I haven’t touched this topic so today I’ll tell you exactly how to be an entrepreneur. […]
Today we are gonna talk about the top 1%. Who are we? How do we live […]
Before starting with the blog I’d like to give some context. I was reading The Psychology […]
Now this is a very unique question. Its obvious that no matter what you do some […]
Hello Reader, The following blog contains both scientific and my personal take on both consciousness and […]
~From the Founder of Metabasket Hello Reader, I am Vedant Verma, the Founder and Chairman @metabasket.store […]
Hello Reader, After reading around 40 books last year. I have shortlisted my top picks for […]