LIFE IS WAR ~ This isn’t just a quote, its a mindset.

I don’t think any modern human can truly understand how severely bad wars were in the past. Imagine yourself as Porus, a great Indian Warrior. You see the largest army in the world across the river led by Alexander the Great himself (people at that time considered him a God).

Otherwise, consider yourself Shivaji. Mughals control whole of India and more and you want to challenge their rule. Mughals at that time were led by Aurangzeb, I think the name speaks for itself. Think of what your life would be.

You know that this is life or death. If I die and leave my family behind, I don’t know what will happen to my mother, wife or sister. That’s what war was.

Many of you have been raised in soft households so you might never see the ugly part of life. However, it doesn’t matter what your state is currently. You just need to adopt this mindset.

When you know that THIS IS IT. Everything I did has brought me to this moment. Its either me or death. That’s when you explore your upmost potential.

In the modern sense, all this won’t ever happen to you probably. Though, thinking that your life is war will really help you push through each exercise in the gym, each hour spent working on business, each class attended at the institute and each book you read.

Keep Growing.

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