This blog is going to be an interesting one and I might get little soft in this blog but nevertheless, let’s get on with it.

Shah Rukh Khan famously said, “I’m a slave to the myth of Shah Rukh Khan.”

It’s actually hard when you’re trying to improve yourself in all dimensions but you also understand what you’re missing out. It’s astonishingly difficult to continue on the path of greatness when you understand the actual spectrum of personal development.

I’m not saying that I’m depressed or sad because I’m not. I’d say that I’m just not content.

Andrew Tate said this in a podcast~ When I see a beautiful girl walking down the road, I think that we might go a date and we might fall in love and it might be great but you know what, I’D RATHER WORK!

I’m in that stage right now, I’m not saying that I’m the ladies guy because girls in this generation find degeneracy attractive but I’d rather die single than do that shit ever.

However, I know that I’m confident enough to go talk to any girl and I know I can date her because I’ve worked on my knowledge, my physique (and fashion) and my personality etc.

That’s not attractive enough to me. Just think about it from my perspective. History won’t remember how many girls you dated. I’m saying this because guys think that the more girls they date, the more their “value” is.

History will remember the efforts of a young kid to build a million dollar valuation company at 14 or an AI project with the vision to secure every Indian’s finances. It will remember my interview on starterstory and my visit to IIT Bombay etc.

Do I enjoy all this? Obviously no. It does give me a sense of purpose but I’d rather choose a life where I’m secure financially and I’ve a girl who loves me and we’re comfortable, where my parents are satisfied with what I am and I live a normal life.

However, I never will because I know that my mindset won’t allow me to live a mediocre life.

Therefore, I’m a slave to Greatness.

Keep Growing.

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