Date : 02.04.2024

It’s almost 1 am at night and I thought that I’ll give you all an update. According to my stats, more people are interested in my life than entrepreneurship or self improvement. Of course, I’ll post them too but let’s get on with this one now.

Today is my last day at Mumbai, it was a nice little vacation but I realized that I don’t really need an vacation nor do I deserve it yet. Work starts tomorrow and will pick up pace in 2-3 days. I’ll also share what I’ll work on in a minute.

Let’s face it. Segmentize didn’t work out well. It was an extremely complex project and I did get the prototype. I built a working successful AI model for investing but it wasn’t enough. There is an entire blog to be written on it so stay tuned.

Its time for me to make my comeback or take a long break from entrepreneurship for several years until I complete my education. I’ve been working on something lately. I never officially said that I’m building it because I wanted to keep it low. So I won’t tell it today. Though, anyone with little efforts can find out what I’m building.

I plan to make a comeback and win, the time has come. I’m going HOME tomorrow and then the grind begins. If I fail this time, I don’t think I’ll build something again for many years.

Its depressing to be an entrepreneur for 2 years and nothing monumental has happened. Now, I can argue that I’ve done something if not nothing at this age but enough of all that, its time to make some paper.

I’ll keep you guys updated. Its time to bounce back.

Keep Growing.

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