I was working and I suddenly saw this video where it talked about masculinity and how brave and competent men stood up against the odds, I want you to read this carefully and adopt this since I’m doing too.

Napoleon lost at Waterloo. I’ve read the whole battle in detail and I know how every Brigade performed and what should’ve been the strategy to win (though I don’t remember it but I know it). Napoleon was an excellent military commander but he lost and history still remembers him as a tyrant or as a revolutionary and today’s blog is about the same topic, the hate and how to show up despite of anything.

I’m sure we all face this. What will people think? Though, the solution is not just to ignore them. The solution is to prove to yourself every day while you breathe that you are not what these people think you are.

Trust me, I was one of the most hated student in my school and half the people who know me still hate me and half love me. Though, none the less they respect me. You know why?

Because I didn’t change who I am and what all I believed in like masculinity and traditional values when it came to relationships and friendships. I was like, “love me or hate me, but this is who I am and I’m not gonna change.”

The funny thing is that you only get hated when you are ahead because the people who are doing better than you don’t have the time to hate you.

I mean I understand it is difficult for people to see my broad shoulders, big arms, with my name on Google since 15 as an entrepreneur, the books that I wrote, my interview on starterstory etc.

It’s ok, I genuinely understand. Honestly, I’d hate me if I was someone else. Progress attracts resentment.

Nevertheless, despite the hate or even despite the fact that I knew at the end when Metabasket and Segmentize were over, I still stood and worked on them. Yeah it failed but so did Napoleon.

History remembers not achievements but the fact that you stood and fought when you knew you could die.

In Game Of Thrones, Jon Snow is my favorite character. See the picture below.

He was trapped and was about to face the cavalry. He knew, he would die but he held his ground and fought. That’s what being masculine is. Holding your ground.

Win or lose, I’ll always fight because I’m not a coward. Cowardice is not doing anything. Bravery doesn’t come from the outcome, it comes from the input

Maybe people don’t agree with me and my mindset, maybe my new startup would fail again but my answer every time is that I will hold my ground.

Remember, against all odds…

Keep Growing.

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