Date: 09.04.2024

Today wasn’t a particularly productive day. Though, I’ve launched my clothing collection. Much more work is demanded to make this venture succeed. Since today is a holiday lets not talk about work a lot.

Do you know I was bullied a lot as a kid? I always spent my time with guys double or triple my age. I was punched in the face, abused in the worst way and more importantly considered weak.

There are some guys whom I want to return the favour and I’ll do it as soon as I see them in person.

My physique is the most muscular ever and its only going to grow. I do understand that fighting and bodybuilding is different. That’s why I’m planning to buy a boxing bag to train everyday in the morning.

I’ve been running behind success since age 14 when I started Metabasket. I didn’t earn a lot but I did learn. I’ve many decades ahead of me and I know these learnings will help.

I also thought of pursuing MMA but it would be too diverse of a path.

My classes for standard 12th have started so the schedule is getting busy. I don’t know if my new startup will succeed or not. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. As Krishna rightly said, “karma karte ja, fal ki chinta mat kar”. Which means that only the action is what matters and not the reward.

Keep Growing.

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