I was struggling lately to find a purpose to work 16 hour a day. I always thought about my future family and how I wanted to provide for my parents, my wife and my kids but for some reason I can’t use that as a purpose anymore.

Though, now I have an even better one. I want to build a dynasty, an empire that would last hundreds of years after my death. My father doesn’t have any brother and neither do I so I’m the only one in my bloodline who bears the name “Verma”.

I want every Verma after me to be physically capable in terms of muscles and combat abilities (nowadays I box everyday too). I want them to be extremely good at what they do. I want them to be extremely intelligent and that will happen through reading books like me. I want them to be financially free.

I don’t want them to be a skinny dork who goes on double dates and spends his days consoling girls regarding their ex and has no monumental achievements or purpose to his life. NO SIR!

I want every Verma to be known for how passionately we love, how hard we work, how strong and intelligent we are.

Call it a pressure or not, I don’t care. I’ve been through that too. Do you think its easy to read for hours and hours at the age of 13? Do you think its easy to travel across India at the age of 14 and meet venture capitalists and go to startup events? Do you think its easy to start gym at 15 when you don’t know how to even do a proper bicep curl? Ofc not. Nevertheless, I did it and I’ll continue to do that.

Anyways, now my only purpose is to respect my last name and work hard and achieve exceptional things. At the end of everything, I just want to groom my kids to become a better man than me and I’ll consider my life more than successful.

Keep Growing.


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