Why do we even cry? If you think about it then crying is a very natural process. Grief has been a part of every human’s life since the dawn of light.

There’s this trend on the internet that men shouldn’t cry and I mostly agree not because I see it as a weakness (though that is also true) but because crying is a way to express that the situation is not in your control.

However, life will beat you down and you’ll cry sometimes. There’s this strict rule I follow nowadays. Never cry in front of ANYONE and I mean ANYONE. Not your friends, family or even girlfriend.

Though, you should find such people whom you can cry in front of like friends and relationships but never do that in practice. I could be crying every single day and no one would know.

Also there has to be a limit to cry. You cannot cry whole day, unacceptable. It’s ok you can take the day off and go with friends or watch a movie. In short do anything to make yourself feel better.

I, personally work. If I cried, I’d have worked before crying and then after crying too.

Also therapy is bullshit (I’ll talk about it in a different blog)

I’ll tell you a story. There’s only person reason I’ve ever cried for as long as I can remember. That was for a girl. I know I shouldn’t have but it is what it is. When Metabasket fell, I didn’t cry. Though, I was saddened to the core but I didn’t shed a tear.

I thought for years that I was weak because I cried for a girl so much. Then I realized that I’m not weak, I just loved her way too much. I’m one of the strongest person I know but we men sometimes make this mistake of loving a girl a too much.

Well, lesson learned. Never love someone too much. Attachment is the single greatest cause of misery. Even the Stoics and Buddha accepted and preached these.

So the answer all in all is that NEVER cry in front of anyone, only in solitude.

I’ve also explained the most common reason why men cry so avoid that too. Let her be the last girl you loved so much. Never Again. That’s a requirement for stoicism.

Keep Growing.

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